DIY Pore Reducing Face Mask

Dec 5th 2017

Welcome to Simple Creations!
Each week, we will be trying to provide new videos of things you can do at home to help create more natural, chemical free products for personal use! This week, an awesome DIY Pore Reducing Face Mask!

As I mention in the video, I have a slight sensitivity to baking soda, so occasionally, my face is a lot redder than most when I do this mask and I think I will be cutting the time down for my future applications.  Still, this wonderful mask has really helped reduce the size of my pores and also the oily nature of my skin. 

This being said, if you try out the mask and feel some very severe, uncomfortable burning, remove the mask immediately! You may have a greater sensitivity that I do. I also would like to mention, within an hour after removing the mask, the Frankincense and Myrrh Lotion was able to cure the majority of the redness appearing after the application of the mask and I am free and clear of any signs I have used the mask! 

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