Simply Red Henna for Hair

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Simply Red Henna for Hair

Simple Creations is excited to present our Simply Red Henna Hair Color! Derived from the leaves of a North African shrub, there is no need to worry about chemicals, and for an even great bonus, we ensure all our henna products to be Paraphylenediamine (PPD) Free! Each color will come packaged in a pouch which can be resealed and detailed instructions on how to receive the best consistency for the product!

Henna works so well because it covers each strand of hair and the shade of Henna is reflected throughout the hair while also working with the hair’s natural color! Furthermore, Henna is a natural conditioner which works to smooth and seal the cuticles of the hair, leaving it with a healthy looking glow which strengthens with each application. For best results, one needs to reapply the henna every 4-6 weeks, and with regular use, the hair will develop more texture and body! Even better, because it is naturally blending color and it fades gradually, there is never a noticeable regrowth area!

How to choose if Simply Red Henna Hair Color is right for you,select your natural hair color below to see what this type of Henna will do for your hair.

  • If your hair is BLACK: this color will produce a red highlight.
  • If your hair is DARK BROWN: this henna will coat your hair a dark auburn.
  • If your hair color is MEDIUM BROWN: this henna will coat your hair auburn.
  • If your hair is LIGHT BROWN: this will coat your hair red.
  • If your hair is RED: this will coat your hair a flame red color.
  • If your hair is DARK BLONDE: this will coat your hair flame red.
  • This color is NOT recommended for medium to light blondes.

One 4 oz package of this product, based on testing, will provide four separate applications for fine, shoulder length hair!

Ingredients: Lawsonia inermis (red) henna